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log file monitoring the OEM way

Log file monitoring has been around for a years now with OEM but not many sites really use it to it’s full potential. For those who know about it, it’s always been a great (and free) add on to complement a monitoring solution, particularly where heads-up notification is needed around component failure. It’s also pretty […]

Migrating to OCI through EM13c Database Migration Workbench

Migration to cloud can often be a difficult task. Database size, destination cloud configuration/flavour, database versions and outage window size can all have an influence on the best strategy to take. Luckily with OEM 13c Release Update 4, Oracle have made the move to OCI that little bit easier through Database Migration Workbench. This blog […]

running .js mongoDB jobs through Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c

As part of this series of Oracle Enterprise Manager blogs we thought it would be useful to give a quick overview of how Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c users can create, initate or schedule .js jobs against mongoDB. Why would we do this?Possible use cases could be: manually run a data fixup or schema creation in […]

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AIDEV have the following plugins available and listed on the Oracle Extensibility Exchange:

  • mongoDB
  • SSL certificate
  • REDIS data store
  • NGiNX

For more information on our OEM plugins or how we can create plugins for your applications, reach out to us.