Migrating to OCI through EM13c Database Migration Workbench

Migration to cloud can often be a difficult task. Database size, destination cloud configuration/flavour, database versions and outage window size can all have an influence on the best strategy to take.

Luckily with OEM 13c Release Update 4, Oracle have made the move to OCI that little bit easier through Database Migration Workbench.

This blog post by Rohan Prasad details the migration process for a move to OCI using Database Migration Workbench.

By creating a simple workflow, owners can migrate their on premise environments to Autonomous Database (serverless/dedicated).

The actual migration is datapump based, via object storage, and integrated with SQL Performance Analyzer to identify changes in performance.

Everything is done through the guided workflow with the EM13c agent doing all the heavy lifting.

Pretty cool huh?

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AIDEV have the following plugins available and listed on the Oracle Extensibility Exchange:

  • mongoDB
  • SSL certificate
  • REDIS data store
  • NGiNX

For more information on our OEM plugins or how we can create plugins for your applications, reach out to us.


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