roll your own Oracle Enterprise Manager plugins

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to manage your own in-house apps using the same tooling used for your Oracle estate?

Leverage the reporting, monitoring, alerting and config management features used by the DBAs?

Execute custom jobs against your apps, schedule data updates, component restarts etc etc??

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c lets you do this through custom plugin creation.

Using the OEM13C EDK, users can create their own plugins to their own bespoke requirements, leverage custom dashboards, implement custom metrics and alert/notify using the same methods already used by OEM in their workplace – hey, they can even pass those alerts off to their helpdesk system via SNMP and drop a call on the support queue for the app support guys (and girls).

AIDEV write plugins for OEM13c.

We’ve a few on the Oracle Extensibity exchange if you’re interested.

We’ve also written custom plugins for customers in the past – this is where the EDK could help you with your monitoring needs…

We published this pdf guide, written at quite a high level, detailing the steps to follow to do this.

If you’re interested, have a read. If you need more info, drop us an email.

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AIDEV have the following plugins available and listed on the Oracle Extensibility Exchange:

– SSL certificate
– REDIS data store

For more information on our OEM plugins or how we can create plugins for your applications, reach out to us.

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